• Eric Morris

What is Cold B2B Email Marketing?

“A cold B2B email is an initial e-mail that is sent to a receiver in order to gain a benefit in terms of favour, sales, opportunity, or any other dual-sided gain.”

A cold email is an initial email sent to a targeted receiver with an aim to gain benefit in terms of a sale, opportunity, information, or any other type of beneficial gain for both parties.

Sellers can reach out to prospects (future customers) that might not be aware of a product or service. Using a cold email campaign you can generate interest and awareness amongst clients and the public in general.

Cold email can generate a considerable number of new hot and warm leads, the beginning of any type of sale. This is a key stage of creating sales funnels enabling a business to work with the potential client to provide a service or product.

How effective is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold email marketing is an effective strategy when done properly. At Emailz we aim for our campaigns to have a 75% open rate and a 20% response rate. We aim to secure our clients 6 - 10 meetings key businesses with their sector every month. Achieve a good closing rate that results in a significant ROI.

Cold email marketing allows you to be personal at scale, that is why at Emailz we personalize every email that we send. We do not believe in template emails, they simply don’t generate high-quality leads who would be keen to work with you.

And That's A Wrap

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