• Eric Morris

Public Relations and Email Marketing

Public Relations and Email Marketing may not come across as a natural partnership. At least that’s the initial presumption. Most businesses see email marketing and public relations as two different marketing channels.

However, they both affect how your brand is perceived. And remember, public relations directly relates to building brand awareness. Let’s break it down: Public Relations = Brand Awareness Email Marketing = Marketing = Brand Awareness This means public relations and email marketing not only coexist but, when done right, can help one another.

What is Public Relations?

People tend to think public relations merely consists of Newspapers, Magazines and Television Interviews. While that thought isn’t wrong, there are a lot more media options for Public relations than the three listed above. According to the Public Relations Society of America, Inc., public relations is defined as the strategic communication process. This process builds mutually beneficial relationships between a brand and the public. When we refer to public, we mean your ideal target audience. While public relations does sometimes involve sharing your press releases with different media outlets by using our Public Relations Outreach service at Emailz there other uses of the service which we offer. Once Emailz comes up with your bespoke public relations marketing plan, there are a variety of media channels which are available to use.

  • Public Speaking at events (Specific for your Industry)

  • Radio Interviews

  • Podcasts

  • Guest posts on relevant websites

  • Newspaper & Magazine Articles

  • Television Interviews

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a marketing channel using emails as the channel for delivery. There are different types of email marketing methods each used for a different purpose. At Emailz, we see many businesses take their subscriber list, put it in a mass email sender and send all of their customers the same email wanting them to purchase an offer. This is not email marketing; this is called Spam. At Emailz there are two key targets that we aim to achieve with our Public Relations Outreach strategy.

  1. We want to make sure that your press release is distributed to the media outlets which were targeted in the Public Relations Outreach plan.

  2. We want to make sure that your existing subscribers are up to date with your business, whilst enticing them to engage with your brand.

What this will achieve is noise. Noise is good as long as it’s valuable to the end-user. The goal of this practice is to send the right content, to the right audience members, all at the right time to build and spread brand awareness and customer relationships. This marketing method is very powerful when it’s conducted and managed the right way. The strategy Emailz has created involves different email marketing campaigns being sent at specific times to create the right reaction. These actions can vary and will be determined by the type of campaign you’re running. Some of the emails will be generating reactions such as

  • Lead nurturing campaigns

  • Survey or Feedback

  • Getting subscribers to engage with your brand

  • Getting subscribers to promote your brand

  • Milestone messages

  • “Thank you” campaigns

Public relations and email marketing: How they coexist and reinforce each other

After reviewing what Public Relations is and What an Email Marketing Campaign is we can clearly see they both involve communicating. The next area of overlap is the fact that public relations and email marketing both focus on delivering relevant information to the public in a timely manner.

While public relations previously focused heavily on printed press releases, over the past decade virtually everything has gone online. That’s not saying there aren't traditional press releases, they still form a large part of the Public Relations industry however most traditional press releases are made available online and are often shared with the public through email. If your content is valuable to the reader and it’s worth sharing, chances are it will probably be shared through email.

What should I use a Public Relations Outreach Campaign for?

There are many reasons why you may wish to run a public relations campaign, below are some examples the Emailz team have come up with.

Event Announcements

Event announcements are always a great time to combine your public relations and email marketing campaigns. Public relations are a great way to let people know what your event is about and when it will be happening. The results of this type of campaign normally generate signups for your event and getting their email addresses are always a great way to keep your attendees excited about the event.

Once the event has finished you can keep in touch with all of your attendees and ask them to give feedback and share any pictures they may have of the event online. This will create a lot of buzz around your brand which is always great.

Product Launches

At Emailz we love working with product launches. They are excellent examples of email marketing and public relations working together to create as much hype before the launch. Most businesses would write a press release to announce a new product or service.

However, they’re going to want to share that information with their current customers and subscribers just as much as they would the general public. An email announcement is an excellent way to do just that.

The press release will create a lot of website visitors trying to find out more information, getting them to sign up to a subscriber list is a great way to keep them excited.

Pre-launch sales are always fantastic for businesses to get large order volumes before the official launch. Offering discounts to your email subscribers is a great way to get them engaged and whilst offering them a token of appreciation for being a loyal subscriber to your brand.

And That's A Wrap

If you want to find out how Emailz can help your brand become more profitable using our Branding, Strategy & Email Marketing capabilities please contact us for a consultation call or visit our website www.Emailz.Marketing