• Eric Morris

How to cash in on a small email list

Email marketing continues to dominate all other digital marketing efforts and for a good reason. For every £1 spent, marketers see an average return of £42. Even if your list is small, there is still money to be made.

Database Size Doesn’t Matter

Many business owners believe that email subscribers are as good as cash in the Bank, they are not wrong in our opinion. There is a firm belief with businesses that you need a large email database to generate revenue, this simply isn’t the case.

The relationship that you have with your email subscribers needs to be built, your email subscribers genuinely need to have an interest in what you're offering otherwise they will not engage with your emails. At Emailz we have heard some businesses purchase databases of 100,000 people, where they generated no return whatsoever.

The buyer relationship is earned, not purchased. If you want to make healthy revenue directly from your email list - even a list of fewer than 1000 people - then focus on building a relationship with your email subscribers. We find a lot of businesses see email marketing as just another task that needs to be done. This is one of the issues we feel businesses need to shift the way they think about email marketing. You need to think about an email database as a group of friends, you wouldn’t try to sell a different product to a friend every time you see them, the same applies to email marketing.

A relationship with your email subscribers needs to be formed the same way as a friendship, you have to provide your subscriber’s value. The more value you give upfront to your email subscribers the more they will trust you because you aren’t expecting anything in return. A second benefit of providing your subscriber’s value is that they will be excited to receive emails from you resulting in higher open rates.

Start Conversations By Asking People To Reply

Most businesses see email marketing as a “Mass Marketing” strategy. From our experience at Emailz, we see many businesses take their subscriber list, put it in a mass email sender, and send all of their customers the same email with no name, with the same offer and a big BUY button located at the bottom of the email. This is not email marketing this is called Spam.

At Emailz, we see each subscriber as a person, not a lead. They’re just people. Every subscriber in your email list has their own personality, interest, and dreams. If you want your email subscribers to become your customers you need to treat them as a human, not a sales target.

You need to find out what your subscribers like and dislike, what motivates them, the more information you have about your subscribers the better. The best way to gather more information about your subscribers is to ask them questions in your emails, get them to engage and reply to you. These personal conversations will increase the sales your business makes because your subscriber will feel valued, they trust your brand and they will be excited to own your product.

Segment Your Email Lists

What does Segment your email list mean? It's a marketing term that simply means dividing people into groups based on information, like interests, demographics, or preferences on products or services. As mentioned above the more information you know about your subscribers the better, you can segment your email subscribers based on their likes and interests.

This will not only allow you to send them more relevant information, but you can send different offers to the segmented lists that interest them the most. The more relevant the offer you send the more likely the subscriber will purchase.

Send More Emails Than What Is Comfortable For You

At Emailz we see that a lot of businesses are reluctant to press send, they fear that they will send their subscribers too many emails. But research shows that 49% of consumers want to receive weekly emails from their favourite brands. (Statista, 2017) More emails being sent out equals more sales, this is true if they are good quality emails and you are giving value to your subscribers.

If your emails are interesting, relevant, and providing value, your subscribers won’t mind you emailing them on a daily basis. At Emailz we have even on some occasions sent multiple emails per day because we were promoting a special offer. Be sure to only send multiple emails per day once in a while, then return back to your normal sending schedule.

And That's A Wrap

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