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5 Tips for High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most useful tool to convert page visitors into email subscribers and customers. Here is Emailz guide to landing pages that generate ROI.

Landing pages create legitimacy for your business whilst encouraging visitors to opt into your subscriber list or to purchase the product or service you are offering. Creating a high converting landing page isn’t rocket science, however, there is a lot of testing and work that needs to be done.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages have multiple purposes. One of the main purposes we use landing pages for at Emailz is to gain customer information such as Email Addresses. We also use landing pages to convert visitors into customers by showcasing products or services if there are few products offered by the company.

When we use landing pages to gather more information about a potential email subscriber it is always good to get as much information about the subscriber as possible. The reason we want to do this is to find out their interests and put them into different segments. The reason you should put subscribers into segments is to put them into categories with certain interests, this means when you are doing email marketing campaigns you can send them offers and emails that are relevant to them. With this information, you can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign which can have a significant impact on your email performance metrics.

There is a variety of content that you can use landing pages for. Here are some examples.

  • App Downloads: Apps have become a popular option for businesses to operate. We have seen a surge in the number of banks offering online banking over the past 5 years, one simple way to get their customers to download the app would be to direct them to a landing page.

  • Community Membership: encouraging discussion is a critical aspect of some businesses, and you can use a landing page to offer membership to your online community. The team at Emailz suggests you be specific and niche with your site to generate an active and engaged community.

  • Course Enrolment: Online courses have increased in popularity over the past few years. Online courses take a lot of work and effort to prepare, a landing page is perfect to get subscribers to register for an online course.

  • eBooks and Podcasts: Sometimes you might have more knowledge about a topic than a blog post warrants, so you can use a landing page to give people access to eBooks or Podcasts.

The key thing about landing pages is that you want to offer something to your audience to encourage them to enter their email address and personal details. You may want to offer a discount for first-time buyers or offer a time-specific offer.

How can landing pages boost your marketing campaigns performance?

Some people think you can create a landing page and that’s it, that somehow you are going to magically get customers by doing nothing. Sorry to burst the bubble but this isn’t how it works.

Below are some benefits that landing pages can bring to your marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation: The team at Emailz all agree this is the main benefit that a landing page brings to your marketing campaigns. There are some tricks you can implement into your landing page to increase the number of leads you generate. Having 15 pages in your landing page will increase your lead capture rate by 55% compared to having only 10 pages.

Conversion Rates: Conversion rates for landing pages differ depending on the industry your landing page is about. The average conversion rate for all industries is roughly 2.34%, with some testing using website analysis you can increase the conversion rate to around 7%. The main piece of advice from the Emailz team is to only offer one product or service as adding multiple offers can decrease your conversion rates by 266%, our advice is to keep the pages simple and clean.

Spending time on building an effective landing page is important, making sure you conduct tests to improve and optimize the site is always important to make sure you are continuously generating better results.

5 Tips for High Converting Landing Pages

A landing page is more than just a page on your website; it’s a goal-driven piece of content that lets people know why they want to work with your business.

- Keep your page focused

It’s very easy to get distracted and add loads of information that isn’t relevant or to the point. Our team at Emailz biggest tip is not to offer multiple products or services. The reason we say this is because people want to access information quickly and easily. Make sure you only show information that is relevant.

- Use Good Images and Graphics

A good landing page doesn’t just have text and a subscription box. You need to create a landing page that keeps your visitors engaged. You don’t have a second chance to make a good first impression, having a blank landing page shows you put little effort into the user experience.

- Keep it Short and Sweet

While you need to provide enough information to intrigue your readers, sometimes less is more. You want to provide enough information to get them interested enough to sign up for your email subscription.

- Create A New Domain

The best solution is to use your business’s current domain, this will increase the amount of organic traffic your landing page will receive. However if your business is doing a special project you may wish to use a new domain if you want to get clear analytics results.

- Subscriber Information

You want to get as much information about your email subscriber as possible. The reason you want to gather as much information as possible is that this information will allow you to segment your subscribers.

How to Create a Landing Page Lead Magnet

Building a landing page looks quick and easy, however building a landing page that converts takes time and effort. There are no set rules on how to build landing pages however there are rules to make them convert better and turn them into lead machines.

Before you start building your new landing page, review some of the top tips from our team at Emailz below to generate a lead magnet.

  • Limit the number of links: Your main goal of a landing page is to collect subscriber information. This means you want to focus all of your efforts on increasing the conversion rates of website visitors subscribing to your email list. To increase conversion rates try to use the minimum amount of links possible.

  • Only show relevant content: You can decrease the conversion rate massively by including non-relevant information, having information that isn’t useful to the reader will increase your bounce rates.

  • Use Pop-Ups: Pop-ups are an effective way to gather email addresses and contact names. However, if you want to gather more information such as interests and birthdays you are better off using a lead forum asking multiple questions.

These tips from the Emailz team should start you off on the right path. Make sure you test, analyze, and change parts of the landing page that aren’t converting well.

And That’s A Wrap

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